"My work" view


Constructor's "My work" view makes it easy to find and navigate to everything you're responsible for, across all your organization's boards. And it's always just a single click or keystroke away, so you're never far from accessing your work.
The "My work" view has two sections:
To see pull requests awaiting your review in the "My work" view, a team Admin has to enable the GitHub integration, and you have to provide your GitHub username in your personal profile.


Viewing your work

To open the "My work" view, just click the button in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can toggle it open with the keyboard shortcut W.

Identifying what's new

When there's a new item in "My work" that you haven't seen yet, a small badge is shown next to the button. That helps you stay on top of your tickets and requests for follow-up even if you don't have notifications enabled. When there's something new, an additional badge is shown next to the new item.