Creating tickets


A ticket is a trackable representation of work to be done, whether large or small. You can use tickets to represent low-level deliverables like bug fixes or chores, high-level goals like "epics" or "milestones", and anything in between.

Ticket ID

When you create a ticket, it's automatically assigned a permanent ID number that's unique in your organization.

Ticket title

A ticket has just one required property: a title. Whenever you create a ticket, you'll have to provide a title.
A ticket's title should be a short but meaningful description of what the work entails. Try to keep the title short so it's easy for you and your teammates to quickly read and recognize it, but at the same time ensure the title is meaningful so it's easy to understand and distinguish from other tickets. It's a balancing act.
Here are some examples of great titles:
  • "Remove deprecated CreateProvider API endpoint": This title is short and specific. The ticket description could provide more details.
  • "User can open multiple dialogs simultaneously": This title succinctly describes a bug. The ticket description could provide more details.
  • "Project Atlas": This title would be great for a ticket representing an epic as long as the name is part of your team's vernacular and everyone knows what it means. The ticket could use checklists or child tickets to break down the project into smaller pieces.
We don't recommend wording your ticket titles as "user stories" like "As a user I should be able to click a link to open the settings page". This style is verbose and makes each ticket harder to recognize, since almost all tickets start with the same prefix. A better title for this example might be "Add link to settings page in navbar". If you'd like to write user stories, try using the ticket description or a checklist.


Creating on the board

You can quickly create a ticket anywhere on the board by clicking in the empty space at the top or bottom of a column or in between tickets. It's a great way to create a ticket when you know exactly where on the board you want it.

Creating via the new ticket dialog

You can create a new ticket at any time by clicking the + New button in the navigation bar. That will bring up a dialog where you can provide the ticket's title and optionally other details like labels, a description, attachments, an owner, and collaborators.
When you create a new ticket via the dialog, it will always be created on the board you're currently viewing.

Promoting a checklist task to a ticket

If you have a ticket with a checklist containing some tasks, you can promote a task into a full-fledged ticket. Hover over the task and click its ellipsis menu, then choose Promote to ticket on and select the board and stage where the new ticket should be created. The task will be converted into a child ticket.
Learn more about checklists: